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Is situated in an strategic urban location, in close relationship with the natural environment of Río de la Plata in Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires. It covers a 16 hectare area. With an 800 million dollar investment, ALRIO will include a 150,000 sq mt in/out mall with internal streets and pedestrian walks, 150,000 sq mt of office space and an island with threeresidential towers and full view to the river; ALRIO offers the possibility of living, workingand having fun in the same place. - Multiple purposes room- Outdoor/Indoor Swimming pool- Fitness center- Spa- Massage room- Grill area- Mini cinemas- Work zone- Laundry- Playground- Sports facilities- 24 hour concierge service...

Alrío offers the possibility of living, working and having fun in the same place  
The island is strategically located in Paraná River between the capital cities of Santa Fe and Paraná. It offers several…