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María Fernanda
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Located in the best area of Vicente López, Buenos Aires.This stunning 843m2 –covered- house with open green areas is set…
Igresamos por un palier privado hacia el living a nuestra derecha tenemos el comedor y a izquierda el escritorio todo…
This magnificent 1,315m2 (14,154.5 ft2) covered and 132m2 (1,420.8 ft2) semi covered house is set on a 2,960m2 31861.17 lot.
As we enter through the main entrance to an imposing reception, whose windows give us access to a terraced balcony.
1,034m2 (1,1129.88 ft2) house · 6 bedrooms.1200 Perú Street, Acassuso, San Isidro.
Landmark residence built in 1890, located in the San Isidro District, Acassuso.
Excellent 550 m2-house on one of the most beautiful blocks in Barrio Parque – Buenos Aires’ undisputed most elegant neighbourhood.
This former mansion was built between the years 1892 and 1896 by engineer Manuel S. Ocampo. Its parks were conceived…
Stylish exclusive four-story residence in pristine condition set on a private 11m x 42m plot, with a garden and a…
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