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This 129.31 ha estate is located in the Perdriel District, Department of Luján de Cuyo. 89.91 ha of the land are dedicated to viniculture, 18.1 ha to olive production, 10.7 ha are in disuse, and 10.6 ha account for passages and dams for irrigation.
Social area and house: This part of the property consists of a 3 ha area in which we find 2 different subdivisions; the social area, and the main house.
Social area (Exterior): The outdoor part of the social area and the park are connected through an entrance gateway with a remarkable birdhouse designed as a tower.
This area has horse stables, poultry cages, a central and lateral patio where we find two living/dining areas, clay ovens, and barbecue. It also counts with open exterior parking space, and 2 enclosed parking spaces.
Social area (Interior): Inside this area we find a cluster of constructions consisting of a social area with a movie theatre, wine cellar, kitchen, living/dining room, pantry, bathrooms, and separate apartment bedrooms on the first and second levels.
Guest house: The guest house has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, laundry, garage, and an internal patio.
Office and chapel: In the southwest extent of the social area we find a chapel with an office constructed right on top of it.
Park: Connecting the social area and the main house is a landscaped park with an artificial lake and irrigation system. It is bounded by living fences and divided, in the south social area, by constructions.
Main house (Exterior): The main house’s exterior sector occupies 250 m2 (2,690.98 ft2) and has facilities such as a separate construction (Quincho) for barbecues and entertaining, a pergola, and a patio with clay ovens. Surrounding the perimeter, we find a cobblestone footpath, reservoirs for purifying water, and a 2,000 m2 (21,527.82 ft2) orchard and vegetable garden.
Main house (Interior): The interior of the main house has a kitchen, living/dining room, two bedrooms and bathrooms, all has an excellent construction quality and is in perfect state of preservation.
Irrigation dam: The dam area has a landscape design and irrigation systematization. It also possesses a capacity of 15,000 m3 destined for different crops.
Vine crops: The crops are well maintained and have good homogeneity characteristics and vegetative equilibrium. The land is clear from weeds, has Olympic perimeter wire fences, gravel passages, and functional irrigation infrastructure in good state. Olive plantations. No salt rock formations have been registered in the entire extension.
Olive plantations: The olive plantations do not have hail protection. Drip irrigation system with double lines on both sides of each plant. It is in good state of preservation and has good vegetative expression. Clear grounds with an average of 200 plants per ha. 9 years of age.
Stable and warehouse: Set in a 3.3 ha area divided in two sectors by a corridor with olives on both sides
Stables: The entrance has two separate buildings with 10 stables each. These constructions are surrounded by stone paths and beautifully landscaped gardens well preserved.
South of this cluster -and inside this 3.3 ha extent- we find another group of 40 stables with an internal patio. The main building consists of four concrete and stone towers with iron structure are interconnected by an enclosed gallery.
On both ends -east and west- of these stables we find two buildings with stone coating which homogenises the architectonic identity with the rest of the stables. Here we also find the horse showers for hygiene.
This group ends with a warehouse, a stable manager’s house, a veterinary clinic, and a corral.

Grocery store (“Pulpería”) sector: South of the passage we find a set of buildings 5 years old following the traditional style found in small towns of the Pampa Argentina at the turn of the 20th century. Here we see a postal station, bathrooms, a tower with an elevator to access the basement/wine cellar, and lastly a storage area decorated and furnished as were the authentic and traditional “Pulperías” at the end of the 19th century.
  • Characteristics: •Superficie terreno: 129,31 Ha.
    •Vid: 18,1 Ha.
    •Olivos: 10,7 Ha.
    •Sin cultivar: 10,6 Ha.
    •Area social + casa ppal.: 3 Ha.
    •Casa de húespedes
    •Sector pulpería

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