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The island is strategically located in Paraná River between the capital cities of Santa Fe and Paraná. It offers several future scenarios of commercial, tourist and urban land use.

Considering an East-West axis, this region stands out as a hinge for the Bio-oceanic Central Corridor.

Furthermore, Carabajal Island has a prime location as regards navigation routes development, particularly in relation to the Paraná - Paraguay rivers.
The territorial portion comprises these two capital cities of the Central Region and their area of influence, which concentrates more than a million people in an area of 100 km, and is home to the three branches of government of both provinces. 
Paraná tourism activity has steadily increased with a growing influx of visitors, making the city a tourist destination of national significance. Visitors regularly fill the city hotel capacity during Easter, long weekends, and during cultural, business and sports events (Turismo Carretera TC - car races- open water swimming marathons, etc.) with an annual average occupancy rate of 60%. 
The property is equidistant to both cities, approximately 15 kilometers, or 20 minutes by boat leaving from the rafts docks in the city of Paraná.

The fact that rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year, and only short periods of frost occur allows for plant and animal biodiversity sufficiently rich and varied, with biological forms ranging from tree, shrub, herbaceous, vines and water and marsh species.

Paraná's fauna, as well as its flora, consists of species from different biomes. Its strategic location makes it a receptor of lot of species that travel across the river and its shores. 
There is no doubt that this is a property that offers exceptional potential for commercial use of real estate development, urban planning, tourism and agricultural production projects.

  • Characteristics: • Privileged location
    • Strategic Area
    • 20 minutes from Santa Fe
    • 20 minutes from Paraná
    • Plant biodiversity
    • Animal biodiversity
    • Ideal for commercial use

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