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“El Ombucito” is a 263ha estate located very close to the long-standing Lozano train station in General Las Heras District, only 80 km from the City of Buenos Aires. It has a 20ha park with an ancient grove with some of the first Eucalyptus trees ever brought to Argentina by Sarmiento himself.
It also counts with 2 ha of fruit trees including pears, plums, lemons, oranges, tangerines, figs, and chestnuts. The property has two points of access; one from Lozano, and the other from Camino Real.
Main house: 420m2 covered, and a 72m2 gallery. Living room, dining room, office, kitchen lounge, kitchen, grill, clay oven in the gallery, 3 bedrooms; 1 en suite and the other 2 with a shared bathroom. Maid’s quarters en suite.
House 2º: surface of 80 m2, lounge/dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and bathroom.
House 3º: surface of 77 m2, 2 levels, lounge/dining room, kitchen, 1 bedroom, and bathroom.
Guest house: 2 separate 20m2 bedrooms en suite.
100m2 Ceremony hall / Playroom.
Swimming pool of 10m x 5m x 2m.
Racquetball court
Housekeeper’s house: surface of 72 m2 with patio, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom.
50 m2 wood shed.
Water tower with engine room below.
Antenna 30 m tall for radio, TV, and Internet.

Polo area
120m2 polo house with a 30m2 eave, living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms en suite, balanced draft stoves in every room.
274m x 145m polo field (maximum official size) with Anchico wood boards.
40m2 saddle room with 50m2 eave.
40m2 individual stud for stallions with a 30 m2 open shed.
4 large wood pegs with water troughs.
8 individual corrals
10 individual corrals in the scrubland with shade for summer use.
Horse loading chute.

Aptitude: 90 ha of agricultural land, and the rest for cattle. (Polo and purebred horse breeding.)
The farm is divided in 14 enclosures with their respective windmills and water troughs.
New chute with 7 pens.
  • Characteristics: • Total surface: 263 hectares
    • Main house.: 420 m2 (4,521 ft2)
    • House 2: 80 m2 (861 ft2)
    • House 3: 77 m2 (829 ft2)
    • Playroom: 100 m2 (1,076 ft2)
    • Racquetball court
    • Housekeeper’s house: 72 m2 (775 ft2)
    • Woodshed: 50 m2 (538 ft2)
    • Polo house: 120 m2 (1,292 ft2)
    • Polo field: 274x145 m
    • Saddle room: 50 m2 (538 ft2)
    • Stallion stud: 40 m2 (430 ft2)

Luis Etchegaray
+5411 43 25 43 25 / +54 9 11 53 89 96 54