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LAS ACACIAS Luján – Buenos Aires Province | BACK

Estancia Las Acacias is a unique 1450ha estate located in the district of Luján at Km. 82 of the Olivera department. 95% of its activity is destined to agricultural production, leaving possibilities open for stud farm use, cabins, and real-estate or touristic developments.
Considerable main house area with a picturesque old grove where we find the well preserved 1,000m2 (10,763.9 ft2) main house constructed in 1882. The house has three storeys, living room, dining room, several halls and lounges, study, playroom, bar, and 11 rooms, most of which are en suite.
Quinchos (places for having barbecues and entertaining) with dressing rooms, 12m x 5m swimming pool with travertine marble pool copings, solarium, 2-storey chapel with stained glass (Vitraux). 
The 1,000m2 (10,763.9 ft2) “Party Hall”, constructed in 1889 and remodelled, stands out; it has toilets for both men and women, a spacious kitchen, traditional barbecue “asador” with extractor hood, a grill, and a storing room.
Study/office with 2 lounge areas with a fireplace, and 3 offices with 2 bathrooms.
6 staff houses with different amenities suitable both for families and for single employees. Capacity for 5 families and 10 individual staff members.
Concrete 30m x 27m storehouse with sliding door, workshop, pit, bathrooms, and homes.
12m x 30m open shed/warehouse with metal sheet roofs for multiple use.
Stud farm (training sector) with work gallops, 4 6m x 3.5m sire boxes, a u-shaped stable with 45 boxes, enclosed round pen, 2 different size round pens, personnel house, sheds, veterinary, saddle room, and warehouse.
Stud farm (maternity area) with 3 modules of 32, 30, and 30 boxes with veterinary sector, saddle room, storing room, 6 round pens for post-partum care, 2 personnel houses, warehouse/shed for packages and food.
1200m landing strip.
Aptitude: 95% agricultural, yielding levels up to 10 - 12 tons of corn, 4 - 5 tons of soy, and 5.5 - 6 tons of wheat. 
Legal person. Share package transferred to owner.
  • Characteristics: • On highway RN5
    • Surface: 1450 ha.
    • Stud farm possibility, cabins, real estate, touristic development opportunity
    • 1,000m2 (10,763.9 ft2) main house with 3 storeys constructed in 1882
    • Swimming pool, solarium, dressing rooms
    • Open Quincho (place for having barbecues and entertaining)
    • 2-storey chapel with Viitraux
    • Remodelled party hall originally constructed in 1899
    • Oficces/studies
    • 6 personnel houses with several amenities
    • Old concrete 900m2 (9,687.52 ft2) warehouse
    • Open shed/storehouse
    • Training area stud farm with 49 boxes
    • Maternity sector stud farm with 92 boxes
    • Stud warehouse
    • Landing strip: 1200 m
    • Aptitude 95% agricultural
    • Legal person, share package transferred to owner

Luis Etchegaray
+54 11 43 25 43 25 / +54 9 11 53 89 96 54